My Back is Aching. When Should I Visit my Chiropractor?

It is little surprise that you may have an aching back. Statistics tell us that 80% of the population will be afflicted with back pain at a certain point in their life.

Back pain is one of the vertebrogenic disorders, which are disorders of the body caused in part or in whole by spinal faults. Unlike other vertebrogenic conditions that are seemingly unrelated to the spine, such as tension headaches, pain in the arms, shoulders, knees and legs, certain digestive problems and issues with menstrual cycle, back pain can be easily associated with the spine as it emanates from the very areas where the spine is. As with the other vertebrogenic disorders, back pain is caused by spinal anomalies that directly or indirectly irritate the nerves.

When to Get Chiropractor Help

It is a wise idea to visit a chiropractor for consultation and examination if you suffer from pain or better try to prevent it, including back pain. It becomes even more imperative to do this if home remedy or self-care is not helping you relieve your symptoms and discomfort. Most musculoskeletal pains are caused by misalignments in the spine structures, and they are the chiropractors’ specialty. If your back pain is caused by subluxation, any treatment, including drugs, lotions, potions, massage, surgery or other therapies cannot be relied upon to eliminate the pain. Chiropractic care can remove subluxation or misalignment in your spine if it is the source of your pain, and your back pain will be addressed. It will avoid all sorts of potentially dangerous and complicated medical interventions. Pain killing medications are good in providing temporary relief to the pain but they do not tackle the main issue or the root of the problem. They are also likely to cause side effects when used long-term. Surgery is the last therapy you would want for your back pain. It is invasive, complicated, painful and costly.

Chiropractic treatment is a therapy, which is undoubtedly, most effective for chronic or long-term back pain and sub acute back pain, or a back pain condition persisting for three months or less.

Many spinal problems have their origin from childhood, long before clinical symptoms manifest. When identified early, these disorders are mostly reversible and can be treated. That is why spinal examinations even for children are necessary. Other reasons in relation to your back pain to consider visiting a chiropractor are the following:

  • When you have been injured in your work or in a vehicular accident and are bothered by the pain
  • If you are active in sports and you have stiff joints and pains after the game
  • When you are pregnant and have an aching back
  • When you are getting older and pains are preventing you from enjoying retirement
  • When your job requires either very long hours of sitting or strenuous activity like lifting loads, is taking its tolls on your back

If you have other specific problems or symptoms that go with your back pain, be sure to tell your chiropractor about it and do not hesitate to ask questions. This will let both of you to make appropriate decisions for your treatment and prepare the best treatment plan for you.

Chiropractors themselves will not let you undergo chiropractic adjustments if you have any of these conditions that go with your back pain:

  • Bone tumors or bone fractures
  • Severe arthritis
  • Infections of the bones or joints
  • Severe osteoporosis or bone loss

A good chiropractor is your indispensable partner to your spinal and general health and wellbeing. Chiropractic care is to spine health what dentistry is to dental health. You should take good care of your spine before it’s too late.