Abdominal Masses: What to Do When the Abdomen Swells

Swelling of the abdomen is not something to be taken for granted, especially on children. They are serious body illnesses that bring complication and health risks. They are not just ordinary lumps on the abdomen, but masses that can bring discomfort, pain, and other difficulties in the body.

Abdominal masses are usually characterized by lumps or swollen sections that normally develop in the abdomen – anywhere from the ribs to the upper legs. They are usually associated with the intestinal tract, kidneys, adrenal glands, spleen, or genitals, occurring to anyone of any age. These masses often do not look discolored, but they may cause pain when touched or hit accidentally.

Often, abdominal masses are results of injuries on the abdomen. However, they can also be due to the abnormal development of the kidneys, stomach, intestine, genital, adrenal, liver, and bile ducts. Some cases of abdominal masses are congenital, with the disorder present already during birth. Most abdominal masses in newborn babies are caused by hydronephoris, a condition that occurs when urine is blocked from the kidney and becomes difficult to excrete.

Abdominal masses can easily be identified through slight swelling or substantial bulge above the surface of the abdomen with the mass being so deep and invisible. When the mass is pressed, there is usually a significant degree of pain that can be felt. When these symptoms are taken for granted, possible complications may occur such as serious malignancy of congenital masses. Failure to treat the illness quickly and effectively may cause permanent damage to the patient.

To properly cure abdominal masses, it is better to consult the expertise of doctors. They usually require the patient to submit a medical history, physical exam, computerized tomography, CT scan, and x-ray results of the gastrointestinal tract to evaluate the case effectively. Medication, suggested home care strategies, and proper diet (but don’t try too hard!) and fluid intake are usually advised according to the nature of the masses.